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Terms & Conditions

  • Omniplex General Terms & Conditions

    1. Terms & Definitions

    1.1. In these terms & conditions, the following words have the meanings set out against them:

    Agreement – The agreement between you and Omniplex Cinemas in relation to your Flexi Ticket

    Flexi Ticket Holder – the person named on the booking where a Flexi Ticket has been purchased

    Omniplex Cinemas – all Omniplex Cinemas owned or operated by Omniplex Holdings (NI) Ltd in Northern Ireland or Omniplex Services Ltd in the Republic of Ireland.

    OmniplexMAXX – Our Premium Large Format (PLF) auditoriums

    OmniplexRecline – Our state of the art leather electronic reclining seats. These may feature in a standard auditorium in a premium recline section or in an OmniplexRecline screen

    Privacy Policy – The Omniplex Cinema Group highly values the privacy of our customers. Details on how we use and store data can be found in our Privacy Policy at

    Territory – We may refer to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as two separate territories

    2. Introduction

    2.1. These terms & conditions apply to ticket sales both online & in-cinema. You agree to be bound to these terms & conditions during the purchase process. Please read them carefully and make sure you understand them before you purchase a Flexi ticket.

    2.2. If you are under 18 years old, please ask your parent or guardian to help you read through these terms and conditions.

    2.3. Omniplex Cinemas may change these conditions at any time.

    2.4. These conditions were last updated on 21st June 2019, we recommend that you save a copy for future reference.

    3. About Omniplex Cinemas

    3.1. Omniplex Group Companies trading as Omniplex Cinemas with the registered address; Lisburn Leisure Park, Governers Road, Lisburn, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT28 1PP and 1-2 Castlewood Place, Rathmines, Dublin 6, Ireland.

    4. Purchasing Tickets In-Cinema or Online

    4.1. Cinemas tickets sold by Omniplex Cinemas can be purchased by a customer via our online booking system using credit/debit cards, or in-cinema at an ATM (certain locations only) or at a till point.

    4.2. A booking fee of 50cent/30p per ticket per transaction will be applied to all bookings made online.

    4.3. If using a debit or credit card, the customer must disclose the cardholder name, card type, card number, expiry data and CVV code in order to make the payment.

    4.4. All cinema tickets sold are non-refundable and non-transferable unless they are flexi tickets.

    4.4.1. the onus is on the customer to ensure that all details are correct at the time of booking, In the event of a genuine booking error online, there is a grace period of 60 minutes to contact our customer care team at [email protected] to alert them of your issue. The call centre will aim to amend your booking to your original request (i.e. correct Showtime or date) should the tickets be available. No refunds will be given & the tickets requested must be of equal or lower value than your incorrect transaction. Genuine booking errors would include choosing the incorrect time, date or movie when booking online.

    4.5. If booking on our website, the Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail to their e-mail address with all the relevant details of their booking and their tickets The QR code allows the customer to scan tickets directly from a smartphone so no printing is required.

    4.6. Omniplex is not responsible and will not issue a refund to the Customer for selecting the wrong tickets or if the Customer does not meet the minimum age requirements as specified by Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) or the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) for that particular film.

    4.7. Transactions processed by Omniplex will appear on the cardholder's bank or card statement as 'Omniplex ' it will then give the abbreviation of the specific cinema it was booked in.

    4.8. The customer who has purchased concession/student tickets must provide Omniplex with the relevant proof of entitlement when the tickets are being collected or upon entry to the cinema.

    4.9. For 3D Movies, 3D glasses are not included in the ticket price. They are available to purchase in-cinema or you can bring your own.

    4.10. In the event of a pre-authorisation transaction issue, the purchase process has not completed and no seats are reserved. The monies will be placed back into the customer's account within 5 working days depending on the banking institution.

    4.10.1. As the transaction has not completed, the seats you have selected will be available for sale to the general public immediately after the failed transaction.

    4.11. The cancellation rights contained in the "European Communities (Protection of Consumers in respect of Contracts made by means of Distance Communication) Regulations 2001" (as may be amended or replaced from time to time) do not apply to the sale of cinema tickets.

    5. Operations

    5.1. Omniplex Cinemas will do everything possible to ensure the show and operating times of the cinema are true to the advertisements. However due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be times that a film has to be cancelled or shown at a different time. In this instance the customer may be given a complimentary ticket or in some circumstances a refund of the ticket purchased.

    5.2. Omniplex Cinemas are required to abide by and enforce the age restrictions as specified by the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) and the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). In the event that an authorised Omniplex representative is of the opinion that the customer does not meet the minimum age requirement and the customer cannot provide photographic proof that they are of the required age, Omniplex will not permit entry to that performance or film. If an Omniplex representative identifies a customer who appears too young and cannot provide identification in the auditorium, Omniplex have the right to refuse or eject that customer from that film.

    5.3. Seating is allocated in all screenings unless specified at the point of purchase or in the event of a private screening.

    5.3.1. In the event that you are sitting in the incorrect seat, a member of staff may ask you to move to your correct seat at any time before or during a performance

    5.4. Sound and video recording equipment (including but not limited to cameras and mobile devices with recording functions) are not permitted inside the auditorium. We reserves the right to conduct random bag checks in this respect and to report any guest found or suspected of copying or attempting to copy any film or other copyright protected material to the relevant authorities.

    5.5. Omniplex accepts no responsibility for any information displayed or broadcast in any cinema including the film, pre-show or advertisements.

    5.6. Only items purchased on the premises can be consumed on the premises.

    5.7. Omniplex Cinemas accept no responsibility for the loss, theft, damage or alteration to any personal items brought onto the premises by our customers.

    6. Offers or Promotions

    6.1. MyOmniPass 10% discount on friend's tickets applies to all regular movie screenings, MAXX tickets and VIP seating (where available) when booked on line through your MyOmniPass account and does not apply to in-cinema transactions. Special events, one off screenings, live events, discounted tickets, and MyOmniTuesday prices are not included in the MyOmniPass 10% discount.

    6.2. MyOmniTuesday pricing is valid for online bookings only when logged into a MyOmni or MyOmniPass account only. Standard ticket pricing will apply in-cinema and if you have not successfully logged into your MyOmni or MyOmniPass account.

    6.3. Midweek online seat sale at Omniplex Limerick is valid for online bookings only when logged into a MyOmni or MyOmniPass account only. Standard ticket pricing will apply in-cinema and if you have not successfully logged into your MyOmni or MyOmniPass account. This promotion is subject to live event limitations and withdrawal without notice.

    7. The User of Carers Association Membership Cards

    7.1. Republic Of Ireland

    7.1.1. The Family Carers Ireland card ('FCI Card') will be accepted at all Omniplex Cinemas in the Republic of Ireland.

    7.1.2. The owner of a FCI Card will be entitled to free admission (Monday to Thursday excluding Public Holidays) when accompanying a disabled paying customer when purchasing in-cinema at a till point.

    7.1.3. Cinema management reserve the right not to honour the card where they have reason to believe it is being misused or used outside of the terms and conditions set out in this document.

    7.1.4. By participating in this offer, a person is deemed to have fully accepted the terms and conditions set out in this document.

    7.1.5. FCI Cards are not transferable and only the card owner shall be entitled to use it. A cinema manager reserves the right to ask for some additional form of identification from the cardholder. A cinema manager also reserves the right to check the validity of any card at the point of presentation.

    7.1.6. Where it is suspected that a card is being used inappropriately, fraudulently or in breach of these terms and conditions, the cinema manager reserves the right refuse admission.

    7.1.7. The FCI Card allows the cardholder to obtain ONE complimentary ticket only when accompanying a disabled paying customer to provide assistance as a result of their disability, during their visit to the cinema.

    7.1.8. A complimentary ticket is provided on the assumption that the person accompanying the cared for person is able to provide appropriate assistance. Illustrative, but not exhaustive, examples of such assistance might include having the ability to assist the cared for person in: moving around the venue including finding and taking a seat; evacuating the venue in the event of an emergency; accompanying and/or assisting the cared for person in using the cinema washrooms; or Purchasing refreshments.

    7.1.9. For this reason the presumption will be that the person accompanying the cared for person will be aged 18 years or over. However, the cinema manager reserves the right to make a judgement on the ability of any person to assist the cared for person during their visit to the cinema, and to refuse the provision of a complimentary ticket where it deems it inappropriate.

    7.1.10. Complimentary tickets provided under the FCI Card offer cannot be transferred.

    7.1.11. In all cases, one full price ticket must be bought for each complimentary ticket allowed and each recipient of a complimentary ticket must own a FCI Card.

    7.1.12. The use of a FCI Card is not limited during its period of validity, provided that on each occasion the cardholder observes the terms and conditions set out in this document.

    7.1.13. Expired FCI Cards will not be valid for this offer.

    7.1.14. Use of this card does not give cardholders any additional rights of entry compared to those enjoyed by non-card holders, apart from those set out in these terms and conditions. Use of the card will be constrained in terms of programming and cinema capacity for a cardholder as they are for any paying customer.

    7.1.15. The Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other scheme operated by Omniplex.

    7.1.16. The card is valid for one complimentary ticket for any standard movie – it is not valid for all show types, eg. Premium Screenings; Special screenings; One off screenings; Live Events or Gaming are excluded. However the offer will be valid for OmniplexMAXX and 3D screenings if a similar type ticket is purchased by a disabled customer.

    7.1.17. The offer will be Valid Monday to Thursday only and can be booked in-cinema at the box office only.

    7.2. Northern Ireland

    7.2.1. We also accept CEA cards in all of our cinemas throughout Northern Ireland subject to their standard Terms & Conditions found at

    7.2.2. Tickets can be purchased in-cinema only.

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