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Boonie Bears: Guardian Code

Running Time

Find out what's on at:

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code

Running Time

1hr 34min

Boonie Bears: Guardian Code

Running Time

1hr 34min


Young bear cubs Briar and Bramble lived happily in Crystal Peaks with their mother Barbara, until one day a fire broke out. Briar saw his mother leaving the burning building never to return. He was heartbroken. The cubs grew up believing their mum had abandoned them.... Now, the bear brothers and Vick their best friend are escorting a scientist named Charlotte to a research base. During their journey, Briar is surprised to see that Charlotte has the amber stone his mother once owned and as he's about to comment on it, the Scrap Rebel gang shows up and kidnaps Charlotte. Briar is once again amazed when he notices that a key member of the gang resembles his long-lost mother, Barbara. Later, he becomes more and more convinced that it is his mom, especially when she sings a song that she loved singing to her cubs. Despite her memory being damaged, Barbara is reunited with her cubs. However, a huge conspiracy and more secrets about Barbara's identity are yet to be uncovered. Have the bear brothers really found their mom? Why did she leave her children? Can Briar, Bramble and Vick save the day once again?


Bingjun Zhang, Wei Zhang, Xiao Tan


Yongchang Lin, Heqi Shao



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